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Wonderful one day trip to XICHONG of NANAO
Date: 2013-10-23View count: 5654

July 30, on this day, Clio colleagues excited then throw away the work at hand, remove the pressure on the shoulders weekdays burden, unbridled Chang "tour" the most beautiful beaches in Shenzhen longest.
     I will not speak, we firstly get to know the beautiful and fascinating beach bar.

First came to our countrys largest artificial reef base - Yangmeikeng. Use a small farm house on your own favorite double (single) bike along the beach watching the Daya Bay views, arrived in Deer Lodge Tsuis most pristine beaches, but also did not forget to stop and pat Videos of views down to the sea snails caught touch crab, fun!

Next, travel to enjoy seafood lunch seafood street. Seafood Street postprandial walking tours, free to buy drinks seafood and so on.

Around the circle, finally expectant mood to South Australia it!

South Australia:
     Dapeng Peninsula in the far south, east Daya Bay, South Pacific Ocean, west of Mirs Bay, Hong Kong Ping Chau Island confrontation, but apart kilometers. Here scenic, sea shore, waves all day long bursts. South Australian residents are engaged in fishing, when night fell, where there will be singing fish nights seaside scenes appear; holidays, when there are a variety of fish lantern will marry the bride and water and other folk to be seen. The seafood here in Shenzhen, the most famous seafood products in South Australia in addition, it also can rent a boat to explore the nearby islands. Nishioki located in Dapeng Peninsula, the most beautiful corner of the southeast, known as "Pengcheng Pure Land", the Shenzhen Bay "reputation, which has a patchwork of woods, silver sand-wrapped Long Beach (up to 4 km) Scenic chic small mountain, an oasis in a blue sea.

Before traveling first to a collective group photo!

Let us engage in a stimulating field activities it, everybody has to wear uniforms like soldiers morale, field start, you keep attacking me, with a good team spirit Clio electrons can!

After field, again for a fierce tug friends, activity eleven then tug divided into three teams to see who wins, win prizes after oh ....
Race began to see the two teams, all clenched teeth, all exhausted body strength, pull it pull it, who should be allowed. Finally, guess which team won!

Passion tug of war, unity is strength. Hey yo hey yo, HARD, refuel, refueling, regardless of who is winning the results, focusing on the process, we felt the strength of the team, we are still very fun, still laugh, will be an unforgettable tug of war.
Just pull up the river, hungry, a grill bar together!

After the barbecue, to the beach sports movement, we arranged a large circle, danced the Bunny!

Videos of our last sun drying it, click, click ...


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