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1、WiFi Products Issues

· Adding Devices

1.No response while powering on

(1)Check the battery is installed correct or not.

(2)Check the devices is reset or not.Long press resetting button, see the indicator is changing or not.

2.Fail to add, network configuration is timeout

(1)Device is reset unsuccessfully,not ready for configuration.

(2)The router access point is full and cannot access the device again.

(3) The mobile phone and the route are 5G connections, and the device currently only supports 2.4G.

(4)Router compatibility problem, can be switched to AP compatibility mode configuration (see manual for details)

(5)APP permission is limited, the user needs to give the APP authority in the system settings (the prompt box will appear when the APP is opened for the first time), such as location permission, notification permission, network permission; at the same time, these settings will also affect the push.

3. Which device option to add when adding

(1)All products can be selected by socket option

(2)When the AI camera is added, the default is the QR code distribution network,  Users can also choose to use the SamrtConfig mode.


· Installing Device

1. Precautions before installation

Notes:Before installing device to a certain place, better trigger the device several times at this place to see if it works fine, to see if the alert delay is less than 5 seconds. If alert delay is less than 5 seconds, this place is suitable for installing the device.

Reason:Signal of Wi-Fi product is easier to be interfered. The signal range listed in manual is ideal value. But in actual use, signal of Wi-Fi device is interfered by wall, metal or any other barrier, which would influence the performance of device.


· Third-party Support

1.How to set up email notifications

Linkage can be set through IFTTT,the email can be sent to the set mailbox through IFTTT when the device alarms


2. Why some products can’t connect with Echo

Third-party devices like Echo can only connect to devices that are actively controlled (such as plug), but not to devices that are passively sent (such as pir).

· Equipment Use

1. No push notification

(1) The network is unstable and the wifi signal is poor.Please adjust the equipment or routing location, and test it several times to ensure the connection rate.

(2) Some product push settings have an interval time (such as PIR), and there are history records during this time but no push notification. Interval time in 1-2 minutes

(3) The device switch is too fast, the previous status must finish to report up,then the subsequent status reported, the previous status will disappear if it does not finish report.For example,the door is closed when open status does not report timely,the open status will disappear.

(4) The trigger time of the sensor is not enough. It needs to be triggered for 3-5 seconds. Wait for the indicator to light up, and the alarm information can be pushed to the server.

(5) Turn off the alarm push service through the APP.


2. Router cannot display device IP

For saving power consumption,and extend battery life, wifi is turned off and does not connect the server when the low-power device is in standby. Only when the alarm information is detected, the wifi module is powered on to report the server information.


3. How to delete history records

After deleting the device through the APP, add it again to delete the history records.


4. How to confirm device is still working or not

APP can display the last time device worked.

Trigger the device again to see whether there is push notification.


· Difference between AP and Smartconfig


It is  broadcast mode,one-to-many.The product is usually made to flash quickly to indicate. Easy to operate, only need to input password of Wi-Fi while the device is flash quickly.However, it may not be successful when it comes to complex internet environment or special router that does not support Smart configuration .


2.AP mode

It is one-to-one mode.The product is usually made to flash slowly to indicate.The mobile phone acts as a client STA to connect to the hotspot issued by the module.A bit complex to operate.Click AP mode, while the indicator is flashing slowly, then input Wi-Fi password and connect the hotspot of smart_life.
Configuring network in this way is stable and reliable.

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