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Matter 1.0 standard officially released, NEO Smart as an early participant in the development of the manufacturer
Date: 2022-11-02View count: 1829

Global Smart Business - NEO Smart Manufacturer

The CSA Connectivity Standards Alliance officially released the Matter 1.0 standard and certification process to the public on October 4th, US time. The release of this standard marks the entry of Matter, an interoperable protocol that works across brands and platforms, into the marketplace at a more cost-effective price point, providing consumers with a more complete and simple smart scenario, as well as stronger privacy and security services.

At the same time, the Matter 1.0 standard introduces a comprehensive test consortium members tool and global certification program, with eight authorised test labs responsible for testing the Matter protocol in addition to Matters underlying network technology, Wi-Fi and Thread, ultimately leading to a more complete presentation of the Matter protocol in market applications.

The initial version of the Matter protocol supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread devices and includes a wide range of common smart home product categories such as lighting, electrical, air conditioning, curtains, sensors, door locks, and media devices such as TVs.

As early adopters and promoters of the Matter protocol, alliance members such as global IoT development manufacturers will also leverage their technology, experience and innovation to meet the needs of global customers and partners for the development and application of the Matter protocol. In addition, NEO Smart will also actively promote the development, design, testing and specification verification of Matter protocol requirements and specifications, thus helping Matter protocols to achieve global popularity and implementation.

To date, NEO Smart has released its Matter-enabled solutions to the public, enabling global customers to become the first companies to support the Matter protocol. As an IoT development and manufacturing service provider committed to building an "open and neutral" ecology for the global IoT industry, NEO Smart has created a solution with more unique advantages.

Firstly, based on the NEOIoT platforms one-stop development capability, NEO Smarts Matter-enabled solutions can enable global customers to build their own Matter devices faster.

Secondly, NEOs intelligent Matter-enabled solutions help more non-Matter devices to interconnect with Matter devices. In addition to Bridge Hub, it can also provide Central Control, Smart Speaker Hub and Multi-Mode Hub to meet the needs of different scenarios while helping customers to automate the interconnection of existing non-Matter devices and Matter devices in their local networks.
NEOs intelligent Matter-enabled solutions then also allow Matter devices to connect to the Turow IoT PaaS for remote operation with the help of the Turow-enabled app.
Finally, customers can also build more personalised features with the NEO Smart-enabled Matter solution to meet more diverse and customised consumer needs.

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