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Rafting trip of Qingyuan Gulongxia
Date: 2013-10-23View count: 5797

June 25, weather will be the next big rain, but still did not affect us go Qingyuan rafting trip! However, we are not going to climb, nor is it to BBQ, but to immerse themselves in water - rafting.
Under the dim light rain, the car start it!

In Guangdong, we all know, the most famous resort on a number of drifting Qingyuan, this falls on the junction of Guangdong and Hunan unprepossessing prefecture-level city, but it has a unique geographical advantage, where rafting is one of the major tourist attractions here.
After more than two hours by car to reach Qingyuan is ten more. First stop before you into [Deer Park] tour, travel 45 minutes, which is most of the deer industry in southern China Manufacturer Company - Zhanjiang Deer Industrial Development Co., a subsidiary of corrections, mainly engaged in deer products. We invite enthusiastic salesperson came in a small room, we were presented by the responsible person. And free tasting of the company antler nourishing homemade soup, Deer wine. Visited the deer, we all took a Match Friends.

After lunch, Gu Gap [ bottomless Cliff Falls Adventure ] , the mountains of the water is really clear rut , the mountain has a big waterfall , although not Huangguoshu , but also worth a visit. To the mountains around the circle , you ready rafting friends.
Everyone wear a life jacket , wearing a helmet , a ship encountered a few meters gap , impact, high-decibel screaming scared everyone , water bashing day cover penetrated through the ears and eyes water, and boats hit by the waves hitting the rocks , who was almost thrown out, and colleagues are constantly reminded to pay close attention Rotary rope .
So the boat along the water , days of high water , surrounded by green hills , rafting meantime, greeted by an expectation - expectation stimulation ! Look forward to adventure ! Look forward to wrestle with nature ! After narrowly look easy ! He accompanied the woman scream from the top down volts , both excited and scared, but longing for this stimulus . High-speed taxiing kayak like waves on the roller coaster , swirling between the peaks and valleys in the occasion of shock and a halt, jumped into a clear pool inflatables steadily , many of the boat started leaning against a water fight .
Gu Gap length of 5 km and more, elevation 378 meters , floated over one hour before the foot of the mountain , then the body has already soaked , accompanied by mountains breeze
So that the skin has a coolness , his heart was very happy.

Next, and admire the beauty of our photos now! !


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